Cosy Dragons is part of a long established Welsh business which has evolved from a wallpaper and paint retail business set up in 1917 by my grandfather.  I have been letting out property since 1993 but only moved into short term lets in 2017.  I would like to say that I planned it and it was well researched, but the reality is that I started the business almost by accident.  Having built 6 houses in Tanglewood, Abertillery I decided to turn the show home into a short term let so that it could “Earn it’s keep!”.  I knew people in the business and was told how good this market was, though hard work and very different to the traditional rental business and much more customer focused it was which I and the team love.  I was delighted how well the business did which inspired me to open a further 5 properties in 5 months.  It was a busy period but great fun with a great team effort.  The team were all invigorated as we took on this new project and learned very quickly as we went.  Thankfully not too many mistakes and only a couple of double bookings, but have now resolved that process!

The team all take pride in my properties and we look to continually improve not just the properties but the service we offer.  All of the cleaning, washing and ironing is done in house by our own cleaners.  During the busy periods we have 3 washing machines, 2 tumble driers and 11 clothes lines working flat out....

I try and stay regularly in all of the properties and want them to have all the comforts and facilities that I would want for a comfortable stay away from home.  I hope that you agree.

2019 sees the launch of a new website, the opening of another apartment in Abergavenny, so we can now accommodate almost 30 people in one building, and some interior design improvements to all of the properties.  So another busy year ahead for the Cosy Dragon.

Almost forgot, why Cosy Dragon?  The Dragon is synonymous with Wales and we want to offer you a comfortable stay so hence the Cosy.  We like to think that we have the friendliest dragon who will look after you when you stay.

I hope that you enjoy your stay with us whether it is visiting friends and family, the beautiful Welsh countryside that I call home, or working in the area and looking for a home from home.


Many thanks

Anthony Davies.


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